From now until the end of June (extended from  April because of ordering difficulties with Covid-19) orders may be placed for club kit.

We shall not be taking orders for all the kit items shown on the GearClub design card shown below, only the following:

Further information on these products can be found at

Please place your order by completing the online order form at the bottom of this page*. Please be aware that, other than manufacturing faults, items cannot be returned or replaced so be careful to order your correct size – see size chart below. No payment is required when ordering.

Kit prices are shown below, subject to a possible discount on the short sleeve jerseys if more than 34 shirts are ordered.

Club Kit ItemsIndicative Price – including VAT excluding GC delivery charge
Short sleeve jersey – Classic £30.00
Long sleeve jersey – Winter£34.80
Long sleeve jacket – Winter£54.00
Short (non-bib)£30.00
Light weight long sleeve jacket rain and water proof£42.00

Postage costs will apply to each individual order – this is expected to be less than £5 including GearClub’s delivery charge. We will determine the cheapest delivery option at the time of posting.

 The cost of each individual order will be advised and payment requested early May. Please pay promptly once advised so as not to delay the group order to GearClub. Individual orders can only be cancelled before the individual order costs have been advised.

Once placed, the group order should be received from GearClub within 4 weeks. Individual orders will be sent out asap after that. 

GearClub do have minimum order requirements so some order items may not be fulfilled this time. It is intended to offer the opportunity of ordering club kit again in the Autumn. We will not order less than 10 of any item because the price increases by £10 each item!

*For those without access to the online form, the order can be emailed to or by text or phone Peter 07442 166320.