Covid 19 July 2020

Our ride programme is suspended for the next few months at least , but in the meantime you may wish to ride in a socially distanced group of max 6 people from our club. You can form a group , or join a group, by adding your name to one of the forms given in the following link :-

Social distance rides booking form

East Herts

  • We ride on: Tuesdays and Fridays

The East Herts Section meets at the Six Templars (Wetherspoons) in the centre of Hertford from 10.00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. We leave soon after 10.30 and ride to a pub, or sometimes a cafe, for lunch and afterwards we ride back together to Hertford.

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Section Secretaries

Anne Ramsden


On Tuesdays there is a choice of three rides: an ‘Easy Ride’ , or one of two ‘Moderate’ rides . 

Easy Ride.  This is led at a pace of about 8-9 mph and is aimed at those who prefer a relaxed pace. The distance covered very much depends on the time of year / weather / terrain etc. but is generally between 20 and 30 miles.

Moderate Rides.  As the name implies these are not a challenge rides but are paced at around 10-12 mph and may complete longer mileages – perhaps up to 50 miles in the summer months. They are aimed at those with some experience of cycling. One of the Moderate rides is scheduled to the same lunch venue as the ‘Easy’ Ride – but via a different route; the second ‘Moderate ride heads for a separate lunch venue ~ for details follow the “Tuesday rides” link in the panel on the left


On Fridays there are two moderate rides each going to different lunch venues, and occasionally these are extended beyond the 50-mile limit suggested for the Tuesday moderate ride. One of these two moderate rides may be led at a slightly higher pace. The actual pace will be set by the ride leader and will be influenced by the participants. Higher paced rides and longer rides will be indicated on the runs list ~ for details follow “Friday rides” link in the panel on the left. 

Other information

All our routes are planned so as to use quiet country lanes as far as possible, and busy roads are generally avoided.

Although our club is called the 40plus, the current section membership ranges in age from early 50’s to mid 80’s. We are a sociable club with a good mix of male and female members. Cyclists turn up on racing bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes, folding bikes and recumbents. Each ride goes only as fast as the slowest person, and help is always on hand from the group to deal with mechanical problems.

There can be anything up to 20 cyclists on a ride, but the usual numbers are around 8-12. Section rides are open to all members of the Forty Plus Cycling Club and we often have cyclists from other sections turn up as guests. Some of us ride with other sections on other days. When more than 12 turn up for any ride, we split into 2 groups and set off with a gap between us for safety reasons, and to make it easier for cars to overtake. 

Upcoming Rides

There are no upcoming rides for this section at this time